About Dr. Ferguson

Following a business career in various line and executive roles, Dr. Ferguson now specializes in personal counseling and psychotherapy, college and life counseling, executive coaching, treatment of depression and anxiety, couples counseling, parenting, failure to launch, divorce, transitions and difficulties of all kinds, terminal illness and life threatening circumstances.

Private Practice: Personal Counseling & Psychotherapy
                        Santa Fe, NM
                        Laguna Beach, CA

Domestic Violence Counseling
                        Orange County CA, Long Beach CA,
                        Yuma AZ, Pittsburgh PA, Clevelend OH

Chief Operating Officer
                        NagraStar, LLC
                        Denver and Switzerland

Vice President, Dish Network Engineering
                        Echostar Communication Corporation
                        Denver, CO

Sr. Vice President for Technology & Engineering
                        Integrated Medical Systems
                        Golden, CO

Vice President for Product Engineering & Marketing
                        Community Health Computing
                        Houston, TX

Vice President for Product Technology & Co-Founder
                        Covalent Systems
                        Mountain View, CA

Engineering & Product Management
                        Palo Alto, CA

Joe Ferguson, PhD - DrJoe@Fergi.com - (505) 913-7159 - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Contact Me